Jonni Chin

Lending Specialist

m: 0406 424 381

about Jonni Chin

With a wealth of knowledge of the mortgage industry and the latest products and features, Jonni specilises in structuring home and investment loans which brings more value to your ‘Mortgage’. Jonni had previously worked in different areas of the mortgage industry particularly working with real estate agents, construction and refinancing. Jonni joins NRES helping provide his knowledge with working around investment and developing strategies that will help our clients get the most out our service solutions as much as possible. His specialised services include:

-Home and Investment Loans (Purchase, Refinances, Construction, SMSF etc.)
-Loan Structuring (rate discounts, setting up for your next purchase and working hand in hand with financial advice)
-Development Projects Planning (Subdivision, Off-the-Plan Projects etc.)
-First Home Owner Specialist (for established homes or construction)
While working hand in hand with highly experienced financial planners in assisting their ‘Wealth Creation’ and ‘Long Term Goals Setting’, Jonni is highly pedantic when it comes to attention to detail when assessing one’s financial situation as a whole. With every customer from the very first appointment and ‘Annual Mortgage Review’, Jonni assists customers in developing strategies in saving in their mortgages. Jonni stands by his belief that the customer best interests is always his highest priority which lead to his decision to join Wealth Plus Group to ensure his customers were given the opportunity to obtain financial advice.

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